Well Water Testing Team

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The Community Water Testing Lab, located at Thurston High School, offers free well water testing to the public. Tests are performed by students and results are mailed or emailed to customers within one week. The service is free to the public (although donations are accepted) and we strive to produce reliable results. 

Appointments can also be made by contacting the WELL lab at 541-988-5353. 

It should be noted that we are not a certified lab facility. Results compare customers' water to levels recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency for drinking water.  Individuals interested in this program must sign up on our waitlist to make an appointment.  

To ensure the accuracy of testing methods, the use of a sampling kit, provided by the program, must be used. 

Kit locations will be provided after making an appointment. 

Please note that testing is conducted in Room 135 at Thurston High School.


Testing for Arsenic in the Thurston High Water Lab

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